1. Combatientes y exploradores en la calle Diputació. on Flickr.

    © Ricard Martínez

  2. Hotel de Ville, Paris on Flickr.

    We’ll always take Paris.

  3. Primer bombardeo aéreo de Barcelona on Flickr.

    A rephotograph of the first air raid in Barcelona shares ADN with other images taken recently at the opposite side of the same sea. © Ricard Martínez

  4. DiStefano a Palafrugell on Flickr.

    Alfredo di Stefano, the legendary Saeta Rubia, who passed away last July 7th, a few days before the anniversary of his first match in Spain. in which he played with the football team of Palafrugell (Baix Empordà), on July 19, 1953, in the field of the local Parish House.
    (Arxiu Municipal de Palafrugell. Col·lecció Parròquia de Sant Martí de Palafrugell)
    © Ricard Martínez, 2014

  5. Calle Diputació, Barcelona on Flickr.

    Calle Diputacio, Barcelona. (Agustí Centelles-CDMH, 19/07/1936-Ricard Martínez 10/07/2012 -25/06/2014)
    © Ricard Martínez

  6. Doble exposición on Flickr.

    Double exposure of Natasha Christia and Xavier Gomez in two photos by Oscar Ciutat and Ricard Martínez.
    Kowasa Gallery, Barcelona.
    © Ricard Martínez, 2014

  7. prostheticknowledge:

    Righted Museum

    Tumblr blog which documents occurrences of blurring copyrighted works of art in Google Streetview art museum tours, put together by Mario Santamaria:

    Captured images from Google Art Project. Hidden collection art works for copyright reasons.

    Tumblr blog here

    (via mamar13)

  8. (Source: rituerto)

  9. QUIMERAS on Flickr.

    Spanish king Alfonso XIII facing a Chimera.
    (Luis Ramon Marín, 1929. Ricard Martínez 1999)
    © Ricard Martínez, 2014

  10. Plaza Catalunya on Flickr.

    Three girls, one of them my mother.
    This rephotograph inspired the workshop “Del Record a la Mirada”, scheduled for next june in F. Català-Roca, espai de fotografia. Barcelona.
    +info: http://bit.ly/1mYHk23