1. Niño con gorro de la FAI eb el Paral·lel, Barcelona. on Flickr.

    Boy wearing a cap of the FAI (Iberian Anarchist Federation) Gerda Taro. Barcelona. August 1936.
    © Ricard Martínez, 2010

    + info: http://blog.arqueologiadelpuntdevista.com/2009/09/gerda-taro-la-mas-pequena-de-todos.html

  2. drzito:

    En su serie Architecture of conflict, James Rawlings fotografía el pueblo falso donde se entrenan los antidisturbios británicos

  3. After Lartigue #car #speed #shutter #Lartigue #ricardmartínez

  4. After August Sander, by Michael Somoroff. Via Lens Culture.


  5. garymcleod:

    Silvia Dominguez interview: http://blog.phmuseum.com/photographers/silvia-dominguez/

  6. Proclamación de la II República desde el balcón de la Generalitat. on Flickr.

    Proclamation of the Second Republic by Francesc Macia, from the balcony of Palau de la Generalitat, in Barcelona, on april 14 1931.

    (Alessandro Merletti Guaglia, Col. Merletti / I.E.F.C.-Ricard Martínez, 2009)


  7. City of Signs.

    What’s left of the fancied stories by Roberto Rossallini. A film by Samuel Alarcón.


  8. biomedicalephemera:

    Twenty-three year old Viennese woman, before and after contracting cholera

    One mid-19th century report describes cholera victims who were “one minute warm, palpitating, human organisms - the next a sort of galvanized corpse, with icy breath, stopped pulse and blood congealed - blue, shrivelled up, convulsed”. Cholera causes profuse vomiting and diarrhoea, dehydrating the body so rapidly and severely that the blood thickens and the skin becomes deathlike and blue.

    Image from the Wellcome Archives

    (via scientificillustration)

  9. basedinternet:

    The presidents of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile today and in the 70’s.


  10. flavorpill:

    Hopefully this will decrease the amount of tourists holding up traffic while crossing Abbey Road

    10 Classic Album Covers Seen on Google Street View

    Google Street View covers